Solve complex problems. Understand the market. Tailor experiences.
I am a builder, an architect, and I thrive off creative challenges.
Design trends come and go, technologies change, buzzwords flock like birds, but having a true love for the core process of creation is where the excitement is. I want to work on the big issues, take complex design challenges and translate them into beautifully usable results.

When it comes to catch-all terms like “career” it is too easy to fall back to lists of technical specs as the measure of success or quality. Yes, it is important to take pride in being a skilled craftsman and knowing your tools inside and out, but the pace of technology is such that your intense knowledge of any particular facet will be outdated in a few months time. Knowing technology X is great, but being adaptable, directing talented teams, being a problem solver, knowing how to research, and understanding the difference between inspiration and copying is where a lifelong career lives.

I desire to go beyond a mere operator. jQuery is valuable, but intuition is powerful. Photoshop is amazing but distilling a complicated process into something a novice can grasp is compelling. CSS is remarkable but having a refined taste for your target market creates influence.

Technical skills can be learned, taught, forgotten, relearned and refined. Intuition, taste, communication and understanding are rarer. Those inner skills only come from experience, working closely with others, having focused introspection and being able to employ these intangible aspects to create innovation.
“Good design is partially creativity and innovation, but primarily knowledge and awareness.” - Chuck Green

I want to solve interesting problems. I think the following stories speak to my passion and capability to produce results.

Creating a Vessel for eLearning

52 Pieces of Paper

Capturing Loyalty @ Oakley

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Industry Leaders I've Helped Inspire

Company Logos
"If you can't explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

Personal Insight

I was born and raised in chilly Ohio but now live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, a short drive from one of the finest beaches in the world. (For those interested, it's Siesta Key, shown in all it's glory in the photo behind this text). I am blessed to have an amazing wife and two incredible children, who challenge me everyday to always learn and improve myself.

I've been working with the Mac and design since 1989, having had the great fortune to take over the family Mac IIci for my experiments. I kick myself to this day for not framing my floppy disks of Photoshop 1.0 and I spent more time trying to construct digital masterpieces than I did watching GI Joe, which is quite a claim for a boy of 12.

Today, I am a creative director, a developer/designer, the founder of a small business, and an avid learner of all the things.

Partial List of Obsessive Hobbies

Over the years I have dove headlong into a wide variety of interests. Many have stood the test of time and a lot are interlinked but I think the main takeaway here is that I truly enjoy acquiring deep knowledge about new things.

• Mountain biking • Knives • Lasers • Carbon fiber fabrication • AV and Home Theater • Mechanical Watches • Digital Videography • Pens & other writing instruments • Photography • Reading fiction • Remote control vehicles • Ceramics • 3D printing • Book binding • Automobile racing • Sunglasses • App development • 3D Animation • Writing fiction stories • Blogging • Firearms • Camping • Video games • Electric vehicles • Samurai swords • Flashlights • Car tuning & upgrades

Fun Facts

Everyone has quirks and things about them that can't be readily explained. Here are some of mine.

• I hate mushrooms of all kinds. It's a texture thing. • I have an irrational fear of bugs, but do not have a problem grabbing a large snake out of the innards of my lawnmower. • I have never had a beard, and do not consider myself lumbersexual. • I can admit to being an Apple fanboy. I own their devices, and their stock. Luckily I have spent less on their devices than the value of my stocks, so I am net positive in my fanboyism. • I have more pocket knives than I have fingers. And before you ask, I have all my fingers. • Quick! How much does one deck of playing cards in a bubble mailer weigh!? (4oz) • I have perhaps 30%, and a very nice outline, written for a really awesome science fiction novel. Will it ever be published? Only you can decide!
If you have design or user experience challenges and would like to discuss the possibilities, I would love to talk. Please feel free to get in touch via any of the methods shown here.

Email: • Google Voice: 440.941.1273
Twitter: @interarchitect, @xmetal, @encarded